Making Changes

If your next project is all about modifying an existing logon design into something that is more acceptable to the target audience there are many factors you need to bear in mind. Selecting the typeface with great care is one such factor. There are options like the ‘sans sherif’ or the ‘sherif’ etc. to choose from. It is important that one be aware of the general trend and choose the typeface accordingly. But again one must make the selection depending on what is best for the brand. Even if it means going against the trends, if it adds value to your brand one must not think twice before going for it. Along with that, if you are given the responsibility to retouch a logo design, one must stress on certain factors essentially. Pressure must be given on imagery, the selection of colors and its combinations, the tone of the voice of the design, and other such points that add value to the existing logo design. We have all seen huge examples of logo designs of world renowned brands where somehow the stereotypical typeface simply do not fit in. In such situations you might want to make use of your sketchpad and create a unique typeface for that brand. This may be exactly what the brand needs.